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Let Go of Expectations and Embrace Failure With David Thompson

Let Go of Expectations and Embrace Failure With David Thompson

Episode 67: Today I sit down with landscape photographer, David Thompson, to chat about:

  • A story about the photograph that sparked his early interest in photography
  • His relationship with creativity
  • How being naturally curious has shaped his approach to photography
  • The importance of accepting failure as part of the learning process
  • How composing small scenes has changed how he composes grand landscapes
  • How to achieve visual flow with your subject, structures, and other compositional elements
  • How he continues to challenge himself in his photography
  • His approach to composition and how it depends on what the light is doing at the time
  • The importance of midtone contrast and luminosity in the way he post-processes his photographs
  • Color cast - how it can negatively impact color separation and how to fix it
  • Advice for finding your creative vision for your photography
  • How to make landscape photography and the outdoors more inclusive and accessible
  • A whole lot more!



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David Thompson Profile Photo

David Thompson


David Thompson is a landscape and nature photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada who describes himself as a regular guy who likes to take pictures of the landscape. Spending most of his childhood exploring the outdoors and playing in the deserts and foothills of the Sacramento Mountains, he has a deep appreciation for and connection to nature.

David’s interest in photography was first sparked in childhood by a photograph of his grandfather’s, but he didn’t get serious about his pursuit of that interest until later in life after his son was born. In 2008, he purchased his first digital camera, and as they say, the rest is history. He passionately dedicated himself to learning the art and craft of photography, and he now enjoys helping others on their journeys as well.