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How to Safely Explore the Outdoors With Courtney Harvey

How to Safely Explore the Outdoors With Courtney Harvey
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Episode 15:Today I sit down with certified wilderness first responder and instructor, Courtney Harvey, to chat about:

  • Precautions and preparation steps to take before trekking out into nature, whether that is a local trail or an extended stay in the backcountry
  • Common injuries and mistakes people make while in nature
  • What safety and outdoor gear and food to pack for both day hikes and multi-day hikes
  • Importance and benefits of different types of clothing and materials
  • Safety tips for your canine trail buddy
  • Drinking water safety tips
  • Trash and human waste disposal methods
  • Fire safety tips
  • Wildlife safety tips
  • Steps to take to prevent getting lost and what to do if you do get lost
  • How to assess and mitigate risk
  • Treating hypothermia and hypothermia
  • What level of safety and first aid training you should get
  • And so much more!



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Courtney HarveyProfile Photo

Courtney Harvey

Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness EMT

Courtney Harvey’s love for hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and camping was instilled by her parents at an early age. Her passion for outdoor recreation grew from there to include more remote activities like backcountry skiing, orienteering, and backpacking.

In graduate school, she studied strength and conditioning, and in 2015 she took her first wilderness first aid course. Shortly thereafter, she joined the search and rescue team in Killington, VT, and got further certifications as a wilderness first responder, a wilderness emergency medical technician, and then as an advanced EMT.

She continues to serve on the search and rescue team and now teaches CPR, first aid, and wilderness first aid for the Stonehearth Outdoor Learning Opportunities School, also known as SOLO. She also teaches wilderness leadership and safety skills to teenagers at the Okemo Mountain School.