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Creating Natural Abstracts, Slow Photography, and Photography Projects With Jennifer Renwick

Creating Natural Abstracts, Slow Photography, and Photography Projects With Jennifer Renwick

Episode 23: Today, I sit down with Colorado-based nature photographer, Jennifer Renwick, to chat about:

  • How she knew it was time to take the leap and do nature photography full-time
  • Words of advice for hobbyist photographers who are considering going into photography full-time
  • The benefits of living a semi-nomadic life on her approach to photography
  • How she and her partner, David Kingham, pivoted to keep their photography business afloat during the pandemic
  • How she and David structure their photography workshops and their approach to teaching
  • Finding abstract compositions in nature
  • Her approach to post-processing
  • What expressive photography is and storytelling through images
  • What Slow Photography Movement is
  • Photography projects
  • And so much more!



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Jennifer Renwick


After receiving her education in geology and then being trained in and serving in veterinary medicine for 14 years, Jennifer Renwick transitioned to being a full-time nature photographer in 2016 to travel and photograph the American West with her partner, David Kingham. She teaches numerous photography workshops where she includes lessons on visual storytelling, slowing down and connecting with the subject, and expressive photography.

Her incredible images have been featured in National Geographic's online story called "Underwater Beauty", and in Outdoor Photographer, Landscape Photography Magazine, Lenswork Magazine, as well as Lenswork’s "Seeing in Sixes" books, and Lenswork's "Our Magnificent Planet" book. She is also a contributor to National Geographic's "Your Shot" Instagram account.

Jennifer is also a staff contributor for the Slow Photography Movement and a founding member of the Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography. And finally, she is the co-owner of the Nature Photographer's Network along with her partner, David.