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Photography as Art is a Process with Erin Babnik

Photography as Art is a Process with Erin Babnik
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Episode 43:Today I sit down with photographic artist, educator, author, speaker, and Canon Explorer of Light, Erin Babnik, to chat about:

  • How traveling independently as a small child helped her learn to travel with ease as an adult
  • How she navigated the tumultuous time of losing her new home and all her belongings in a deadly wildfire
  • Her core values that keep her focused, happy, and productive
  • The one thing that inspires her to do landscape photography
  • The photographer’s role in influencing cultural perceptions around photography as art
  • Photography as art versus as a craft and the nature of creativity in pushing boundaries and making changes
  • Embracing art as a process and a journey rather than as an endpoint
  • The importance of practice and balancing internal and external validation in growing as a photographer
  • Her approach to finding compositions and the role of stories
  • And a whole lot more!


Photo Cascadia:
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Instagram (@erinbabnik, @oregon-my-oregon, @red-dawn-in-paradise)

Erin’s Red Dawn in Paradise article
Brene Brown’s Values List

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Erin BabnikProfile Photo

Erin Babnik

Photographic Artist and Educator

Erin Babnik is known internationally as a leading photographic artist, educator, author, and speaker. She is honored to be a Canon Explorer of Light, an f-stop gear Global ICON, and a member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia.

Erin’s dedication to the medium of photography evolved out of her years in art school and later through a doctoral education in the history of art. Her expressive landscape imagery integrates this classical education in the arts with adventurous exploration and progressive techniques. In her writing and public speaking, she explores topics with a unique blend of art historical, philosophical, and instructional ideas, an approach that has made her one of the most highly requested speakers among the current generation of landscape photographers.

Erin currently has offices on two continents, using each as a base for traveling worldwide to teach photography workshops and to speak and write about the art of landscape photography.