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Macro, Abstract, and Impressionistic Photography With Charles Needle

Macro, Abstract, and Impressionistic Photography With Charles Needle

Episode 83: Today I sit down with award-winning fine art photographer, Charles Needle, to chat about:

  • How photography helped him recover from a debilitating illness
  • The benefits of having a mindful approach to photography
  • Photographers who mentored him early in his photography journey and helped him to find his vision and encouraged him to teach photography
  • Photography as a subtractive art
  • How to let the subject speak to you
  • Why you should consider using a smartphone over a DSLR or mirrorless camera for creative photography
  • What the differences and similarities are between macrophotography, abstract photography, and impressionistic photography
  • The key types of contrast that generally work well for impressionistic photography
  • Technical and creative tips on using techniques like intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposures (ME) - even with a smartphone!
  • Compositional elements and assets he looks for when creating abstracts and impressionistic images
  • Compositional tips for abstract and impressionistic photography
  • Photography as a performance art
  • Charles answers your submitted macrophotography questions
  • And much more!



Impressionistic Photography, by Charles Needle

Creative Macro Photography, by Charles Needle

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Charles NeedleProfile Photo

Charles Needle


Charles Needle is an award-winning, Colorado-based fine art photographer, author, speaker and workshop leader with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation. His popular “Art of Nature” creative macro workshops have attracted students nationwide.

A popular conference and camera club speaker, photography juror and international teacher, Charles has authored three cutting edge instructional books: Tiny Worlds: Creative Macro Photography Skills, Impressionistic Photography: A Field Guide to Using Your Camera as a Paintbrush , and Creative Macro Photography: Professional Tips & Techniques.

Charles is also a FujiFilm USA Talent Team member and has been North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase Award winner for 14 years.

Charles’ photographs have been selected for publication in Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer magazine, Nature Photographer magazine, Inner Reflections Engagement Calendar, The Chicago Tribune, SELF Magazine and are in private and public collections nationwide and abroad.