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Outdoor Photography Podcast

Outdoor Photography Podcast

Join Brenda Petrella from Outdoor Photography School as she sits down with top landscape and nature photographers and leaders in the outdoor industry to unpack their approaches to creativity, connecting with nature, and working safely and comfortably in the natural world. This weekly podcast is a mix of interviews and quick tip episodes. The Tidbit Tuesday episodes include nuggets of practical information and a Q&A section where Brenda answers your submitted questions. Be sure to follow the podcast on your favorite podcast player and get ready to be inspired to create better images and reconnect with nature!

5.0 stars from over 80 ratings (Nov 2021)

Recent Episodes


Photography as Art is a Process with Erin Babnik

Jan. 25, 2022

Episode 43: Today I sit down with photographic artist, educator, author, speaker, and Canon Explorer of Light, Erin Babnik , to chat about: How traveling independently as a small child helped her learn to travel with ease as…

Guest: Erin Babnik
Tidbit Tuesdays

How and When To Use Exposure Compensation

Jan. 18, 2022

Episode 42: Today we return to our normal, more technically oriented Tidbit Tuesday episode with an explanation of exposure compensation - what it is, and how and when to use it in your outdoor photography. I tie together i…


Impactful and Practical Wildlife Photography With Juan Pons

Jan. 8, 2022

Episode 41: Today I sit down with wildlife and landscape photographer,Juan Pons, to chat about: How the right teacher at the right time inspired his journey into photography How his curiosity and interest in studying wildlif…

Guest: Juan Pons
Tidbit Tuesdays

The One Thing That Will Improve Your Photography This Year

Jan. 4, 2022

Episode 40: Is there something that you really hope to achieve in your photography this year - something that you would really love to improve or to grow in some way - so that at this time next year, you can look back and fe…


A Complete Guide to Landscape Photography For Beginners and Intermediates With Brenda Petrella [Guest Episode]

Dec. 28, 2021

Episode 39: Welcome to another special episode! This week, I’m thrilled to share with you a guest episode from the So You Want to Be a Photographer Podcast with Gina Milicia , where she interviewed me about my journey from …

Tidbit Tuesdays

Should You Buy Filters? Landscape Photography Filters Explained [REPLAY]

Dec. 21, 2021

Episode 38: Today’s Tidbit Tuesday is a slightly condensed replay of Episode 2, which was all about landscape photography filters. I explain the four different types of filters most commonly used in outdoor photography, the…

About the Host

Brenda Petrella

Creator and Photographer

My goal is to help you create better images and reconnect with nature.

I created Outdoor Photography School and the Outdoor Photography Podcast to bridge the gap between the art and craft of photography and the outdoor skills that are needed to explore the natural world safely and comfortably.

On the Outdoor Photography Podcast, I interview top landscape and nature photographers and outdoor industry leaders to help you unleash your creative side while connecting with nature through your photography.

My job is to unpack their approaches to creativity and composition and to uncover key topics around safety in the outdoors, essential gear, and respect for nature.

Wherever you are in your journey as a landscape or nature photographer, you will eventually find yourself needing to acquire two sets of skills – that of a photographer, and that of an outdoors-person.

This podcast covers both of these topics in-depth so that you are comfortable and confident while creating in nature. Enjoy!

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