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Brenda is the best

One of the best photography podcasts anywhere.

Excellent Interesting and Educational Photography Podcat

I really appreciate your mix of sharing your personal education of photograpy as well as the quality of guests you interview. For those of us who learn well from our audio senses (instead of reading) - being in the gym or maintaining the yard while absorbed in your conversations is a great way to learn (and multitask). Thanks for the obvious effort you put into your programs.

Thanks Brenda

Extremely entertaining and informative. These podcasts are well planned, and just so enjoyable to listen too.

Community and learning

This podcast is getting better and better. Great job in making your interviews flow so smoothly. Listening to all these photographers and artist it’s inspiring and it also gives a sense of community to us photographers. Thanks for giving us this podcast.


I’ve been enjoying this very much. I’ve learned several tips and remembered some I forgot. Thanks Brenda!

Beyond Awesome!

The best podcast ever! Brenda makes everything easy to understand! Thank you for all you do!

Just an amazing platform and conversation

I love how Brenda brings her knowledge, expertise and passion of the outdoors to this podcast. I love her insightful tidbit Tuesday’s and her guests are top notch! Thank you for all that you do Brenda! This community rocks!

A happy NEW fan

Brenda’s podcast covers a variety of photographic topics. I continually learn from Brenda, as well as her guests. Brenda presents technical topics in an easy-to-understand manner. I’m so happy I found her and her terrific podcast!

Love the Format and Content

I really enjoy the format of most is the podcasts. In a recent photo editing vs manipulation show, I love the research that went into the episode, clear explanation of concepts and different perspective.

A Great Podcast

I have listened to all of Brenda's podcast. I listen when I walk, when I mow the grass and when I'm at work. No matter when I listen I am smarter when I finish the podcast. I en joy the range of photographers the are guest on the show. Thanks Brenda for all work you do and for a great podcast.

Inspirational and Informative

I have been listening to Brenda's podcast for a while now, and the episodes always leave me full of inspiration, creative energy, and ideas I can use for my own work and business. Brenda does an excellent job asking insightful questions of her talented guests who bring a wide array of perspective and experience to the podcast to share with all of us. I'm excited each time a new episode drops and appreciate the growth that's come from listening in. Thank you, Brenda!

Always inspiring and interesting

I love this podcast. Brenda is an excellent host and asks really good questions. I always learn something and feel inspired to get out and shoot more!

Interesting, inspiring, educational, relaxing

All in all an excellent Podcast, I mainly listen whilst in the car but occasionally whilst editing photos, thank you for posting these Podcasts 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I love this podcast!!!

I have learned so much from listening to this podcast. The information is presented so clearly, the guests are so relevant, and Brenda's interviewing style is great! I'm getting answers to questions about photography that I didn't even know I had!

Really Well Done

In this age of visual spam, Brenda's thoughtful, inquisitive and balanced presentation of both guest interviews and answers to viewers questions is refreshing. Really enjoy the easy conversations with guests, but especially enjoy the Tidbit Tuesday segments where Brenda explores a viewer question with the right blend of technical detail and practical advice. And it's delivered in a way that's easy to follow and understand. Keep up the great work, Brenda!

Always interesting

Great podcast, there’s always a useful tip or guidance a favourite whilst I’m driving, fun and relaxing. Roger UK

Love your podcasts!!

Thank you, Brenda, for such an insightful interview with Sean Bagshaw! It was very informative and also kept my interest… which for an audio is always a challenge for me. Can’t wait for the next one :)

Awesome Podcast

Brenda, really enjoy listening to your shows. Very informative!!

Listening On A Road Trip

I’ve been listening to the entire podcast while driving across America. It’s thoughtful, engaging, and keeps me awake on long driving days. More importantly, even though I’m a professional photographer and travel blogger, I’m picking up great tips and rethinking best practices.

Tidbits Tuesday

Brenda, as usual, clearly explains complex subjects. We always learn something new.

Always Engaging and Informative.

Brenda's podcasts are outstanding. The guests she has on are always engaging and interesting to listen to, and the Tidbit Tuesday specials are very informative and helpful. Brenda is a great interviewer and really allows the guests to expand on their thoughts, ideas and responses without interuptions. I very much look forward to each weeks new episodes.

Great interviews, coupled with excellent interviews = information +++

I really enjoy Brenda’s point of view and her seemingly innate talent for description and knowledge of photography!

I love the pacing

I like how you get right to the tips and tricks that you were trying to cover the episode.

Always learning

I listen whenever I get a chance and always learn something new! The recent interview with Michael Frye was especially good and I just finished listening a second time. Thank you, Brenda for the variety of guests and topics covered!

My favorite podcast!

I cannot recommend Brenda’s podcast enough! Brenda shares incredible tips for photographers of all levels, is knowledgeable, generous and engaging. She brings on a variety of talented photographers for her interviews and leaves you excited for the next episode! Thanks Brenda!

So Helpful!!

I have listened to a few of these now and plan to listen to new and old podcasts as often as I can. A great way to spend an early morning with a cup of coffee and a note pad to capture the important tips Brenda shares. Often she has explained situations or concepts I didn't completely understand, this helps me to connect the dots from a process standpoint. I find these invaluable and always pickup helpful info and or techniques to improve my photography. Highly recommend!!

Learn something new every podcast

Brenda is a skilled interviewer and photographer. I got a late start, but I'm working my way through all of them, including Tidbit Tuesdays. There is always something worthwhile to be learned in each of them. Thanks, Brenda.


This podcast is friendly, accessible for any level and jam packed with excellent information and inspiring interviews. Brenda is amazing. Thank you!

always interesting

All the podcasts are really informative and usually entertaining. Brenda seems to get the best from her guests by thoughtful questioning.

Informative and Enjoyable

Down to earth, humble conversation. Informative and enjoyable.