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Photo Cascadia Team - great conversation

Hi Brenda. I just finished listening episode #81 with Photo Cascadia and wanted to thank you for hosting the Photo Cascadia team. Since I am from the PNW I have been following them for years and have heard several from the group speak individually on other podcasts or conferences, but never together as a team. What a pleasure it was to listen to them tell their stories, interact with each other, and share their knowledge and experiences. Granted, I haven't listened to all your podcast episodes (I generally pick and choose) but I must say this was one of your best. I even saved it so I can listen to it again (something I rarely do with podcasts). I just thought you should know and also give a shout out to Photo Cascadia.
By the way, Outdoor Photography Podcast is only one of two or three photo podcasts I listen to, and the only one I listen to regularly. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards, =efh=

Oct. 27, 2022 by Eric Heinitz on This Website

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