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Educational & Fun

Your podcasts are not only educational to me as a somewhat beginner photographer, but entertaining, as well! I always looks forward to new podcast. Thank you for what you do!

Accurate, Useful Information for all levels

The effort you spend researching for your podcast is obvious from the moment you open your mouth! Thank you for putting in the effort to present well organized, and understandable content.

Simply put… OUTSTANDING!

Always insightful and informative in so many ways! A must listing for nature/outdoors photographers!

Juan Pons interview

Loved this episode. Brenda always draws out her interviwees with really inciteful questions and this episode was a joy. Thanks Brenda!


Brenda communicates information, particularly technical skills, in a way that’s clear as glass. She has a respectful and insightful interviewing style that draws outstanding perspectives and learning from her podcast guests. I constantly refer to my notes from her podcasts, YouTube and website for ideas and reinforcement. She is a big part of my photographic evolution.

Loved it

I just discovered your pod cast 4 or 5 weeks ago and have lisened to them all. I am a full time photographer, organize nature photo walks, lead a local photography club and I love your approach to teaching and sharing the world of photography. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!

Outdoors, Nature & informative

Brenda does a excellent job in organizing the podcast structure and how well it is produced is very obvious. Every podcast I have listened to there is always a takeaway either through instructional info. or the guest becomes Someone of interest that I might follow on another social media platform. Great job Brenda keep up the good work looking forward to 2022 in all your excellent podcast and tidbit Tuesdays


I am new to this podcast, having found it at the end of 2021. I have such a passion for photography, in particular landscape and wildlife photography, and yet I can’t always get out and actually take pictures… And this podcast totally fills me up during those times when I can’t go out and take pictures. I have young kids, and I am constantly shuttling them around… And listening to all of the fabulous interviews in my car makes me feel connected to my passion. This is very well done!


I love listening the podcast on my way to my photography outings. Always helps inspire me and the tips are great too!

Brenda's podcasts are even better than her YouTubes

At first I didnt think I could get my Brenda Petrella fix through a non visual podcast. After all photography is a visual Sport for her, and me as well. After listening in on some short and some long ones, I stand corrected. Brenda is a fantastic interviewer and delivers well through this medium. She's personable and entertaining. And, she knows her photography. I've been following her through Vermont mountain goat-like climbs to frozen creek slips. I really like her contribution as a night photographer. It's great to see her adapt to life with healing limbs and a fresh new baby in her life. Great job Brenda, I'd love the opportunity to night shoot with you , some day. Thanks for the informative podcasts. I dont say this lightly, take care. Ive got a ton of photos to back up, hope to win your drawing too!

Outstanding Podcast with Something for Every Photographer

This is one of the best podcasts on the air on any topic! The range of topics relating to Outdoor Photography is broad, and the conversation is always of very high quality. It is clear that Brenda prepares meticulously for every guest, and it shows in the depth, camaraderie, and openness she evokes from the speakers. The conversations always sound warm and intimate, as if they're spoken around a cozy fire, and you come away with new knowledge and appreciation for each topic and guest. For beginning photographers, Brenda offers 'Tidbit Tuesday', with tips where everything is explained clearly. (Brenda is a very well-spoken, outstanding educator - just check out her excellent Photopills series for the best coverage on the web of how to use Photopills.) For intermediate photographers, there are valuable insights on how to acquire better landscape or wildlife photos by, for example, considering your own emotions, actions, and presence in the wilderness. And for pro's, the podcasts offers exposure to a broad range of experts in the field, on topics so diverse there is sure to be something inspiring and new to you. I can think of several ways that Brenda has already had a big impact on my own photography, and I'm very grateful for her efforts. Check this podcast out -- it's one of the best out there!

Informative & personal

I like the structure of the podcast and the in formal approach assuming our questions are interesting. Also utilizing the questions to go into an in-depth answer is quite useful in giving perspective. Well done

Wonderful podcast and inspirational

I really enjoy this podcast. It has the right balance of tips and inspiration.

Clear, Clean and Complete

Brenda has wonderful content and production quality. The topics are informative, inspiring and there is never tedious filler or annoying noise. This is a huge undertaking and Brenda is very good. Her guests inspire, and her content makes us better at what we all want to be - outdoor photographers.

Fun and Informative

I just found Brenda’s podcast last month but it’s already one of my favorites!! I appreciated Episode 38 where Brenda explained filters in a way that I could understand and gave her opinion on which ones were needed. I can’t wait to go back and dive into older episodes. My dog is enjoying longer walks as Brenda holds my attention and fills my head with useful information and photo ideas! Thank you Brenda, I’m thoroughly enjoying Outdoor Photography Podcast!

My fave episode of yours

Brenda, your Tidbit Tuesday on practice as the one thing that will improve your photography this year was some of the best advice for photographers I've heard in my 25 years of photography. I thoroughly enjoyed listening. There is indeed no substitute for practicing your art or craft and you drive home the point with excellent analogies from other arts and professions. There are no shortcuts. Thank you for an excellent episode and keep up the great work with your podcast, the school, and your advice!

Very enjoyable and informative!

I’m working toward improving my photography but more importantly to enjoy and preserve our environment. This podcast certainly provides information to improve one’s skills but in a responsible and caring manner. Well done!


Amazingly informative, well presented, good pace, Brenda very easy to listen to and understand. My first podcast. TY

Thank you for this crucial tidbit!

Basic but so necessary to improve. Developing any skill requires first and foremost the commitment to purposeful action on a regular basis (practice). I may never become a professional, award winning photographer but I am able to improve and be better than I was yesterday.

Great Podcast for Photographers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

I’ve learned a lot from Brenda both on the podcast and her YouTube channel. I enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors with my camera. So this podcast is right up my alley. Highly recommended!

Tidbit Tuesday - setting goals for photography

I love a fresh idea about how to think of my work as a photographer. Instead of listing shots I want to get, instead a list of improvements in my process, direction, or understanding of what makes me better.

Become Brenda-ize!

I've been following you for some time now; just wanted to let you know how your work has changed my work. I'm pretty laid back and sometimes need a gentle nudge to remind me that I have this incredible interest in photography. Your podcasts have been just what I need. I love your guests and philosophy segments. I had no idea how many "teachers" there are out there. Each one has given me a sense of excitement and empowerment in a way I didn't know existed . This little Tidbit Tuesday about ....practice...really jolted me awake this morning. I have this project I need to get my teeth into so I'm off to the races now! ha ha. BTW, without your passion of teaching and way of guiding me thru I would not know what I know now. So thank you Brenda Petrella for all that you do!

Histogram Insight

The distinction between luminosity histograms and RGB histograms is an important point missed by many commentators.

What a great podcast

Brenda is a refreshing addition to the photography podcast world. I love a thoughtful and less gear centric podcast. Thank you Brenda

Wonderful Content

I have been listening weekly since day one and really love the casual nature of the interviews, thoughtful content and tidbit Tuesdays. I have learned so much. Whether it's about gear, outdoor safety or techniques to improve my photography Brenda through her Podcast covers it all in a way that is easy to understand. I truly look forward to each episode.

Great Content!

I love the quality and variety of guests that Brenda interviews on the Podcast. Their stories are so inspiring. The tidbit Tuesdays provide just enough information without overwhelming you with too much detail. Great job, Brenda!!


I always learn something new from your podcasts.

Very good

Very good

Always well done

Today's podcast "all cracked up about mud" was really terrific. Your podcasts are always interesting and informative. Today's was both of those, but also just a lot of fun to listen to. Keep it up Brenda.

Mud appreciation

Most excellent podcast. I've always wondered how to make images of cracked mud. Makes me want to go out and find some to photograph. Thanks so much.