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Listening On A Road Trip

I’ve been listening to the entire podcast while driving across America. It’s thoughtful, engaging, and keeps me awake on long driving days. More importantly, even though I’m a professional photographer and travel blogger, I’m picking up great tips and rethinking best practices.

Tidbits Tuesday

Brenda, as usual, clearly explains complex subjects. We always learn something new.

Always Engaging and Informative.

Brenda's podcasts are outstanding. The guests she has on are always engaging and interesting to listen to, and the Tidbit Tuesday specials are very informative and helpful. Brenda is a great interviewer and really allows the guests to expand on their thoughts, ideas and responses without interuptions. I very much look forward to each weeks new episodes.

Great interviews, coupled with excellent interviews = information +++

I really enjoy Brenda’s point of view and her seemingly innate talent for description and knowledge of photography!

I love the pacing

I like how you get right to the tips and tricks that you were trying to cover the episode.

Always learning

I listen whenever I get a chance and always learn something new! The recent interview with Michael Frye was especially good and I just finished listening a second time. Thank you, Brenda for the variety of guests and topics covered!

My favorite podcast!

I cannot recommend Brenda’s podcast enough! Brenda shares incredible tips for photographers of all levels, is knowledgeable, generous and engaging. She brings on a variety of talented photographers for her interviews and leaves you excited for the next episode! Thanks Brenda!

So Helpful!!

I have listened to a few of these now and plan to listen to new and old podcasts as often as I can. A great way to spend an early morning with a cup of coffee and a note pad to capture the important tips Brenda shares. Often she has explained situations or concepts I didn't completely understand, this helps me to connect the dots from a process standpoint. I find these invaluable and always pickup helpful info and or techniques to improve my photography. Highly recommend!!

Learn something new every podcast

Brenda is a skilled interviewer and photographer. I got a late start, but I'm working my way through all of them, including Tidbit Tuesdays. There is always something worthwhile to be learned in each of them. Thanks, Brenda.


This podcast is friendly, accessible for any level and jam packed with excellent information and inspiring interviews. Brenda is amazing. Thank you!

always interesting

All the podcasts are really informative and usually entertaining. Brenda seems to get the best from her guests by thoughtful questioning.

Informative and Enjoyable

Down to earth, humble conversation. Informative and enjoyable.

Lots of great information & easy listening!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your podcasts. The format is among the very best I've listened to. Great information in an easy to understand format and delivery. I appreciate the reference to your other podcasts with related information.

finally !!

Finally a podcast that sticks to the subject, is clear and concise and is discussing issues that many of us face with our photography! Thank you Brenda

Practical Wilderness Knowledge for Photographers

Hi Brenda, First and most importantly, thanks for creating your podcasts. They are excellent. I think your Podcast on "How to stay safe while hiking alone" is very well done. I've hiked the entire 2200 mile AT and my hiking kit/plans have all of the essentials that you recommend. The only exception is a "Space Blanket". I carry a tent, sleeping bag, puffy jacket and waterproof shell. Thus, I don't typically pack a Space Blanket. Your other tips on lost/found, compass and map are right on target. Bottom line - I love your podcasts and thanks for creating them.

Good info, good presentation

An overall great job of presenting the info. Thanks for sharing.


Very helpfull, simple and well explain from A to Z, as usual.

My go to resource

I found Brenda's tutorials shortly after buying PhotoPills. This is an amazing app with a lot of complexity that can seem overwhelming. I followed her series on PP's from the beginning and by the end of the series felt like I had a very good command over using it to help plan my Milky Way sessions. I have used it a few times now and it has been invaluable in knowing when and specifically where to be to shoot the composition your thinking about. I've watched a number of Brenda's other instructional videos and listened to her Podcasts, I have yet to come away from one without picking up a few key takeaways that have made me a better photographer. I find her style and how she moves thru a subject is what makes the learning curve much easier. She must love doing this work because she is very good at it!

Redo was worthwhile

Great topic. Well done

Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit? [REMIX]

This should be a must for everyone who does photography, whether as a professional, amateur, or hobbyist. Thanks for packing so much information in such little time and also for causing us to think about these important issues. That is one quality of your podcast that puts it way above all others: you make us think. Critical thinking is essential in photography, too, and so is transparency when editing photos. Thanks again for another outstanding episode.

Photo manipulation

Pretty good listen for such a topic. The one great point made would be to list info, something like 2 photo exposure blend, etc. with the photo info & such. Always enjot the PC.

Claude Fiddler High Sierra Photography

Excellent Q&A with in depth analysis

Stay safe podcast

Usually I don't listen to podcast. Just not my thing. This one I liked. Good info in it & should lead the want to get into hiking more people to desire more training or info on it.

Incredibly thorough and so helpful

Brenda does such a thorough job on whatever the subject of her Podcast or YouTube video. I always come away with solid take-a-ways. The links she supplies are really helpful if your interested in purchasing gear she recommends. Will continue watching, listening and learning for a long time to come....Thank you Brenda!!!

Outstanding Interview- Again!

Brenda keeps raising her own bar with each interview. I loved the interview with John Barclay. He is so clearly a gifted artist in many ways, yet he is so humble and doesn't take himself too seriously. The interview with Talor Stone and Ashlei Payne was so inspiring! Listening to the excitement of these two women who are determined to tell the story of a special part of a culture before it disappears was amazing! I was especially impressed that they want to be sure the story is told accurately without preconceived notions about this culture. Wonderful interviews Brenda. Keep up the great work!

You’ve outdone yourself!

Your interview with Talor Stone and Ashlei Payne was so inspiring. Two bright and brave young ladies willing to venture outside of their comfort zone to give back to an indigenous people that I’ve never considered. Shame on me. This is Nat Geo + and I can’t wait to see their finished product. We need more young people like these two upcoming stars who are concerned with history but embrace technology, merging the two for the benefit of those without a voice. I don’t know how you found this team, but kudos to you and to them. Please record a follow-up at some later date to keep us posted on their venture.

Music and Photography

Hi, Brenda. This note is long overdue. I absolutely love it when music comes into play (pun intended) in your podcasts. The latest one with John Barclay was no exception. Having grown up in a musical family -- my three brothers and I all played an instrument -- I often find myself associating music with photography. Sometimes it is a scene that evokes a song or sometimes I find a piece of music that fits my photography. I have tried to follow other podcasts but just can’t get interested in them. Unlike yours, the other podcasts don’t seem natural to me. Your topics are always appealing and captivating. Your personality comes through in these podcasts. I feel like I’m sitting in a room with you and your guest. Thanks for bringing these gems week after week.

I learn something new every time I listen.

I love this podcast. I learn something new and helpful every time I listen. Brenda shares her knowledgeable on photography in a way that is simple and understandable. I appreciate her teaching style and those she has as guests on the podcasts.

The Right Balance

So glad I found your podcast, Brenda. You serve up exactly the right balance of technical detail and artistic insight. You answer viewer questions in a comprehensive but easy to understand way, and you interview your guests with thoughtful consideration of their backgrounds and experiences. Keep up the good work.

A Life Saver!

Brenda makes learning photography fun and easy! I am more of a beginner and she explains things so that I understand them! I appreciate all the time she takes to produce these podcasts! In a world where photography can can complicated, you have been a "life saver" for me in terms of understanding the mechanics in a clear and methodical way!