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Tidbit Tuesdays

Compositional Tips for Natural Abstracts

Aug. 16, 2022

Episode 72: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answer a listener question about how to approach composition when it comes to creating natural abstracts. Enjoy! LINKS MENTIONED: Jennifer Renwick and David Kingham’s Reverence: Deat…

Tidbit Tuesdays

The Exposure Pyramid (uh, Triangle…) Explained

Aug. 2, 2022

Episode 70: Today’s Tidbit Tuesday topic was inspired by one of our listeners who wanted to understand exposure better. So if you wish to get a better grasp of the exposure settings of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and e…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Let's Talk About Light [REMIX]

July 19, 2022

Episode 68: Light creates everything we see - colors, contrast, shapes, lines, etc., and therefore learning how to “see” light is an essential step in creating more compelling images. Many of our recent guests on the podcas…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How to Make Money as an Outdoor Photographer

July 5, 2022

Episode 66: In this special Tidbit Tuesday episode, I’m joined by landscape photographer and previous guest, Colleen Miniuk , to chat about: Different revenue options for turning your photography passion into a business or s…

Tidbit Tuesdays

What Does Connecting to Nature Mean to You? [COMPILATION]

June 21, 2022

Episode 64: Today, we’re paying tribute to the last ten incredible guests we’ve had on the podcast. Each of them has shared their wisdom and valuable perspectives about photography, creativity, composition, and connecting w…

Tidbit Tuesdays

What's Included in Raw Format Files?

June 7, 2022

Episode 62: Today’s Tidbit Tuesday topic was inspired by two of our listeners who submitted questions related to what kind of information is recorded in raw format files and a question regarding raw files and color spaces. …

Tidbit Tuesdays

To Blend or Not to Blend...

May 24, 2022

Episode 60: Today’s Tidbit Tuesday topic was prompted by one of our listeners, who asked a question about when to create multiple exposures of a high dynamic range scene. I also discuss other types of multiple exposure blen…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Answering Your Photography Questions

May 10, 2022

Episode 58: In today’s short Tidbit Tuesday, I answer three of your questions about how my science background has influenced my photography, explaining aspect ratios and printing, and what a lens limit switch is and how to u…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How to Photograph Waterfalls and Streams

April 26, 2022

Episode 56: As a continuation of our recent “how to photograph” themed Tidbit Tuesday episodes, today’s topic is how to photograph waterfalls and streams. Waterfalls and streams are some of my favorite subjects to photograp…

Tidbit Tuesdays

A Simple Guide to Photographing the Moon

April 12, 2022

Episode 54: Have you tried to photograph the moon only to be disappointed by your results? Perhaps it’s too small, or it just looks like a big white blob, or it’s blurry? In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answered a listener qu…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Beginner’s Guide to Milky Way Photography

March 29, 2022

Episode 52: Today’s Tidbit Tuesday is all about Milky Way photography, including recommended gear and accessories, camera settings, and planning. This episode is geared towards someone who is new to Milky Way photography or…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit? [REMIX]

March 15, 2022

Episode 50: This (remixed) Tidbit Tuesday is a little more philosophical in nature as I answer two of our listener questions around photo manipulation - whether that is done in the field or in the digital darkroom. Is there…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How to Stay Safe While Hiking Alone

March 1, 2022

Episode 48: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I share some tips on how to be safe while hiking and doing photography alone. It’s a question I get often, so I hope these tips help you feel more prepared and comfortable when you tre…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Depth of Field Explained and How to Photograph the Moon With a Foreground

Feb. 15, 2022

Episode 46: In today’s short Tidbit Tuesday, I explain some important concepts around depth of field before answering a listener question about how to photograph the moon with a foreground and get both in focus. Enjoy! LINK…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How and When To Use Exposure Compensation

Jan. 18, 2022

Episode 42: Today we return to our normal, more technically oriented Tidbit Tuesday episode with an explanation of exposure compensation - what it is, and how and when to use it in your outdoor photography. I tie together i…