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Storytelling in Nature Photography With John Putnam

Storytelling in Nature Photography With John Putnam
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Episode 59: Today I sit down with Maine-based landscape and nature photographer, John Putnam, to chat about:

  • How his background in filmmaking led to how he approaches still photography today
  • Documenting nature in an artistic way
  • His decisions around opening a gallery on Mount Desert Island and the pros and cons of having a gallery
  • How he balances his creative work with family life, running the gallery, and leading workshops and photo tours
  • Connecting deeply with an iconic location and finding original compositions
  • Keeping the carbon footprint of his photography business small
  • A glimpse into his forthcoming photography book on Acadia National Park
  • And more!




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John PutnamProfile Photo

John Putnam

Photographer and Educator

John Putnam is a full-time nature & landscape photographer based on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home of Acadia National Park. From 2006 to 2014 he worked as a photographer in New York City producing work for publishing companies and magazines as well as photographing high-end events, all while spending every vacation traveling and photographing across five continents, 20 states, and more than 30 national parks.

When he moved to Maine in 2015, John founded J.K. Putnam Photography with the mission of building personal photographic experiences for clients, no matter their needs or skill level, by offering private, instructional photo tours and workshops.

John’s knowledge of Acadia as a photographic subject is unparalleled, and he uses that knowledge to put himself and his students in the right place at the right time based on the tide, weather, light, and time of year. He loves teaching, loves showing off Acadia, and, most importantly, gets outside to photograph every day.

Since 2015 John has amassed a comprehensive collection of his own images that exhibit Acadia National Park in all its splendor. Images can be viewed on his website or at his gallery in Southwest Harbor where he offers fine-art prints, gallery wraps, gifts, and more.