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Photography as a Gateway to Curiosity With Benjamin Williamson

Photography as a Gateway to Curiosity With Benjamin Williamson
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Episode 73:Today I sit down with professional landscape photographer, Benjamin Williamson, to chat about:

  • How he transitioned from being a musician and bartender to being a professional photographer
  • The two-way street of curiosity when it comes to creativity
  • What he learned during his time as a photo editor and staff photographer at Down East Magazine
  • Balancing photography with a family of three kids under the age of four
  • Feeling deeply connected with natural and man-made environments and the relationship between the two
  • Finding inspiration in other photographers’ work and how to integrate what you learn into your own creative vision
  • His approach to teaching photography and creativity in his workshops
  • The value of doing photography every day (or as much as you can)
  • How to find narratives in landscape photography while incorporating cultural stories and weather
  • Some tips on reading weather forecasts and events
  • And a whole lot more!



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Ben’s photograph of migrating alewives: Liquid Migration

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Benjamin WilliamsonProfile Photo

Benjamin Williamson


Benjamin Williamson is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer from Maine.
After hitting pause on his burgeoning career in a rock band, Ben picked up a camera for the first time in 2012 and never looked back. Likes of his iconic New England scenes on social media turned into requests for prints and licensing, and within two years, Ben’s creative hobby turned into a profession with a full-time position at Down East Magazine, where he served as both the photo editor and then as a staff photographer. In 2018, the US postal service chose one of Ben’s photographs for its “O Beautiful” series.

Ben’s driving motivation behind his photography is to share his deep connection to nature and his experiences of awe and wonder of natural phenomena. He’s also fascinated with how human beings fit into the natural world in symbiotic, beautiful, and ingenious ways. He loves to showcase the places and spaces that bring us closer to nature and to each other, like lighthouses and fishing boats, town centers and cultural landmarks. He recently decided to go into full-time freelance photography to pursue more personally expressive and creative work.