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Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit? [REMIX]

Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit? [REMIX]
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Episode 50: This (remixed) Tidbit Tuesday is a little more philosophical in nature as I answer two of our listener questions around photo manipulation - whether that is done in the field or in the digital darkroom.  Is there a difference between photo editing and photo manipulation?  And if so, where’s the line?  Who makes that call?  Should you disclose when you have manipulated an image?  What are the implications if you do or don’t?  Learn how this debate has transpired over the relatively short life of photography as an artform and how it can inform our decisions about how we approach our creative practices with our photography.  

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The practice of photo manipulation throughout the history of photography
  • The debate about photo editing versus photo manipulation when it comes to landscape and nature photography
  • Three points to consider when deciding how much editing is acceptable in your own photography
  • And more!


Brief History of Photography Blog from Not Quite in Focus

Professor Jeff Curto’s lecture, Photo History - Class 12 - The Manipulative Impulse

Group f/64’s Manifesto (1932) 

National Geographic, How We Spot Altered Pictures

NANPA’s Truth in Captioning Statement

Kenneth Brower article in The AtlanticPhotography in the Age of Falsification

University of Washington Magazine, The Call of the Wild Beckons Photographer Art Wolfe

Guy Tal’s book, More Than a Rock


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