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Personal Growth Through Landscape Photography With Brie Stockwell

Personal Growth Through Landscape Photography With Brie Stockwell
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Episode 29:Today, I sit down with Texas-based landscape photographer and personal coach, Brie Stockwell, to chat about:

  • How a personal coaching experience set her on a journey to learn landscape photography
  • Setting impossible goals and discovering the possibilities within you
  • Learning how to fail well and using it as a growth experience
  • Moving past fear, self-doubt, and comparisonitis
  • How changing your mindset around success can help you create images you’re proud of
  • The value of printing images
  • Being active on social media
  • And so much more!


Website: [Mention the “Outdoor Photography Podcast” and book a discovery call with Brie that includes a free 45-minute coaching mini-session.  Details are on her website]

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Brie StockwellProfile Photo

Brie Stockwell

Photographer and Personal Coach

After being awarded a “beginning winner” ribbon in the Santa Clara County Fair at age 12, Brie Stockwell put down her camera, picked up a flute, and went on to study music.

Although she has always owned a camera, she rarely used it as she enjoyed building a life with an adventurous husband, 4 amazing kids, and multiple pets.

But, in December 2019, Brie decided to explore photography in earnest with the goal of hosting a personal gallery show using a life coach to overcome obstacles including self-doubt and fear of failure.

She feels that working on this project through the pandemic has led to massive growth in both her photographic and personal life. Now, as a certified life coach, she helps other creatives overcome similar obstacles to expand their creativity and achieve goals in their personal and business practices. Brie is currently continuing to explore her own creativity through her work in nature and landscape photography and loves the adventure.