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How To Be a Better Nature Photographer With Alyce Bender

How To Be a Better Nature Photographer With Alyce Bender
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Episode 63:Today I sit down with professional nature photographer, Alyce Bender, to chat about:

  • Early childhood experiences that led to her passion for photography as a kid
  • How certain skills she learned in the military have helped her with leading photography tours and how photography served as a creative outlet from the rigors of duty
  • Why she continues to visit Japan for photography after having lived there for two years
  • How living a nomadic, RV-based life for about a year helped launch her photography career
  • Tips for traveling and doing photography alone
  • Her approach to planning photography trips around the world and how she quickly immerses herself in a new landscape
  • An interesting story about how a Google algorithm rabbit hole led her to a conservation project about Lesser prairie chickens
  • How being a better naturalist will improve your nature and wildlife photography
  • How she approaches wildlife compositions and what her “why” is for creating photographs of wildlife
  • The story behind her first wild wolf encounter
  • And a whole lot more!



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Bender’s wild wolf encounter 

Journal of Wildlife Photography

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Alyce Bender


Alyce Bender, who goes by Bender, is a nature photographer, writer, educator, and adventurer. Growing up with a camera in hand, her fascination for photography developed into a career after serving in the U.S. Air Force. Her passion for wildlife and the natural environment compels her to connect others with nature through sharing both visual art and in-field experiences that promote conservation, creativity, and ethical photography.

Bender is a Tamron USA Ambassador, contributing writer and photographer for the Journal of Wildlife Photography, and a Nature First Texas Region Ambassador. Her work has been featured in group and solo gallery shows across the U.S. as well as in international publications from the U.K. to Japan. She leads photography adventures around the world to help beginner through advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision and naturalist skills ethically. When not in the field, she offers a variety of educational programs both in person and virtually for photography organizations large and small.