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3 Types Of Conservation Stories You Can Photograph Near Home [Guest Episode]

3 Types Of Conservation Stories You Can Photograph Near Home [Guest Episode]

Episode 37: Welcome to a special episode!  This week, I’m thrilled to share with you an episode from my friend and wildlife conservation photographer, Jaymi Heimbuch, who hosts Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast.  Jaymi was a guest on our show in Episode 7, where she shared super helpful and practical advice on conservation photography projects and visual storytelling.  

Her interview inspired many of you to start thinking about ways in which you, too, can use your photography to raise awareness around conservation issues you care about.  But knowing how to actually get started and what kind of story to tell can be really challenging.  

To help you jumpstart the process, please enjoy this guest episode from Impact where Jaymi shares:

  • Three types of photo stories that can help you kickstart a conservation story project
  • The benefits and challenges of each type of story
  • Examples from Conservation Photography 101 students
  • Which type of story best suits you for what you want to accomplish
  • And much more!


Jaymi’s Detailed Show Notes


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Jaymi HeimbuchProfile Photo

Jaymi Heimbuch

Conservation Photographer

Jaymi Heimbuch is a wildlife conservation photographer, who was listed in the “Top 10 Female Nature Photographers to Watch” in Wild Planet Photo Magazine. Jaymi’s photography has been published in National Geographic Books, Sierra Magazine, Bay Nature Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, and in many other outlets.

She is also an accomplished writer with publications about the environment, wildlife, and companion animals in the Huffington Post, Beautiful Beasties, Sierra Club’s Green Life Blog, and a cover feature in BBC Wildlife Magazine. Jaymi was also the recipient of a National Geographic Expeditions Council grant to create the Urban Coyotes Initiative, which was a 6-year project that combined photography, filmmaking, and science to raise awareness on how to safely co-exist with this incredible animal in the urban environment.

Jaymi’s current passion is helping other nature photographers craft visual stories so that they can inspire smarter decision-making locally and globally. To this end, she created the Conservation Photography 101 course, which is a self-paced online course that guides you through the step-by-step process of identifying a conservation story, crafting a photo essay, and pitching it to editors for publication.

She is also the creator of Wild Idea Lab, which is a membership community for conservation photographers and filmmakers with access to a peer community and mentors, exclusive access to educational content and resources, and ongoing coaching and support.

Lastly, Jaymi is the host of Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast (, which you should definitely check out if you are interested in learning more about conservation photography.