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Viktoria Haack


Viktoria Haack is a professional photographer whose work covers the fields of landscape, portrait, wedding, event, promotional, editorial, stock and photography education. Originally from the UK and having resided in British Columbia since 2007, she is heavily influenced by the beautiful landscapes that surround her. Combining her love of the natural world with her background in art history and anthropology, Viktoria’s ethos is to thread lightly while observing and finding the subtle visual story within any photographic genre she works.

Viktoria is proud to be a Nikon Canada Ambassador as well as a Lowepro Global Ambassador. Additional collaborations have included Lee Filters, Purina, BC-SPCA, Vichy Canada, Gnarbox, Klymit, Telus, Heatholders, and The National Trust (the largest conservation charity in the UK).

Viktoria’s photography and writing has been published by numerous media outlets around the globe, including the BBC, CBC, N Photo Magazine, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, Photo Life, PHOTO News Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Vogue Italia and the cover of Digital Photo.

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