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Anna Morgan Profile Photo

Anna Morgan

Photographer and Writer

Anna Morgan is a nature photographer and writer currently residing with her family of four in British Columbia, Canada. After practicing veterinary medicine for about 12 years, she enrolled in a postgraduate masters program in the transdisciplinary field of Conservation Medicine. Her research brought photography and conservation together to examine the role of the conservation photographer, and opened the door for her to explore her self-awareness and brought her a deeper understanding of the structural frameworks that underpin the premise of conservation photography. With a focus on intimate landscapes and an emphasis on connecting to place from an introspective perspective, Anna aims to create expressive images that capture the quiet, mysterious beauty she finds in nature.

Special Episode

What Does Connecting to Nature Mean to You? [Compilation]

Nov. 8, 2022

Episode 84: Today, we’re paying tribute to the last ten incredible guests we’ve had on the podcast. Each of them has shared their wisdom and valuable perspectives about photography, creativity, composition, and connecting w…


An Intentional Approach to Photography With Anna Morgan

Sept. 20, 2022

Episode 77: Today I sit down with nature photographer and writer, Anna Morgan, from British Columbia to chat about: Using photography as a tool to ask deeper questions How photography helps her to understand herself better T…

Guest: Anna Morgan