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Sarah MarinoProfile Photo

Sarah Marino

Nature Photographer

Trained in both business administration and public administration, Sarah Marino worked for many years in Colorado’s vibrant nonprofit sector as a leadership and strategy consultant. As a very accomplished nature photographer, photography educator, and writer, Sarah was fortunate enough to recently transition to a full-time career focused on photography and her passion for the natural world. She splits her time between her home in Southwestern CO and nomadic traveling, often in an Airstream RV trailer.

Sarah is an exceptional photography teacher and provides education through speaking engagements, photography workshops, coaching, ebooks, and video tutorials. Her approach to teaching emphasizes personal expression, seeing opportunities in any landscape, finding joy in photographing nature’s small scenes, and a slow style of photography focused on exploration and deeply connecting with nature.

Her writing and photography have been published in numerous outlets, including On Landscape, Digital Photo Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Luminous Landscape, Nature Photographer’s Network, Outdoor Photography Guide, and many others.

Lastly, Sarah is a co-founder of the Nature First Photography Alliance, and promotes the conservation and stewardship of wild places through her photography and teaching.

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Guest: Sarah Marino