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Charles BergmanProfile Photo

Charles Bergman

Author and Photographer

Writer and photographer, Charles Bergman, is a long-time Professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University. He’s the author of five books related to conservation, including one that will be the focus of today’s conversation, “Every Penguin in the World, A Quest to See Them All”, which was published in 2020 by Sasquatch Books.

He’s written over 150 articles on wildlife and animals in national magazines, including Smithsonian, Audubon, Natural History, and National Geographic. Several articles have been cover stories, including a story on wildlife trafficking in Latin America Smithsonian.

His writing and photography have won several awards, including the Washington State Book Award, Southwest Book Award, Ben Franklin Book Award, and he was a PEN USA Literary Award finalist. Charles has also completed two Fulbright Fellowships in Mexico and Ecuador.

One of his great joys has been to lead student study-away tours to wild destinations like Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Tanzania, and Uganda, and he’s proud to have led six tours to Antarctica with his students.

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