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Tidbit Tuesdays

Does Size Matter?

Nov. 9, 2021

Episode 32: In today’s quick Tidbit Tuesday, I answer two listener questions about camera sensor size, image quality, printing, and more. Enjoy! LINKS MENTIONED: Digital Camera Database Episode 24: How to Expose For High Dy…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Understanding Histograms, ETTR, and ETTL

Oct. 26, 2021

Episode 30: Have you heard that using the histogram is a better way to assess exposure than your camera’s metering system? Are you still a bit confused on how to properly use the histogram, and it means to expose to the rig…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Protecting Your Camera Gear While in Nature

Oct. 12, 2021

Episode 28: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answer a listener question about camera backpacks - specifically waterproof (not just water-resistant) camera backpack options. I also give some tips on how to protect your camera ge…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Fall Foliage Photography Tips

Sept. 28, 2021

Episode 26: In today’s short Tidbit Tuesday, I share six photography tips that will help you create amazing images of fall foliage. Enjoy! LINKS MENTIONED: OPS Article: How to Photograph Stunning Fall Colors: A Complete Gui…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How to Expose for High Dynamic Range Scenes

Sept. 14, 2021

Episode 24: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answer a listener question about how to deal with scenes with high dynamic range, such as a sunrise or sunset image. What is dynamic range? Do you expose for the shadows, highlights…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Q&A re: Planning Images and Switching to Mirrorless

Aug. 31, 2021

Episode 22: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answer listener questions about planning images and my decision to switch to mirrorless. We chat about: Four categories of information to consider when planning an image Apps and res…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Let's Talk About Light

Aug. 3, 2021

Episode 18: Light creates everything we see - colors, contrast, shapes, lines, etc., and therefore learning how to “see” light is an essential step in creating more compelling images. So, in this Tidbit Tuesday, I break dow…

Tidbit Tuesdays

What to Photograph on Overcast, Grey Days?

July 20, 2021

Episode 16: Do gloomy grey days bring you the photography blues? When the sky is drab and the light is blah, it can be hard to be inspired to get out to do some photography. But, even in these conditions, there are plenty …

Tidbit Tuesdays

Travel and Packing Tips for Outdoor Photographers

July 6, 2021

Episode 14: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I share some tips and reminders on packing and traveling with your camera gear. It can be tempting to pack everything to keep your options open, but bringing it all may be unnecessary…

Tidbit Tuesdays

How to Get Sharp Images & Thoughts on Location Sharing

June 22, 2021

Episode 12: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday episode, I answer two listener questions about how to get sharp images and discuss four key steps to nailing focus in landscape and nature images. We discuss autofocus settings, depth o…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Kick Your Photography Rut in the Butt and Q&A

June 8, 2021

Episode 10: Do you have days when you feel burnt out or totally stuck in a photography slump? Do you ever feel like your creative juices are just all dried up? Or nothing feels exciting to photograph? I know I do. In thi…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Four Steps to Finding Compositions in Landscape Photography

May 25, 2021

Episode 8: Do you struggle to find compelling compositions in a grand landscape? This week’s Tidbit Tuesday episode was inspired by one of our podcast listeners who wanted some tips for creating compositions of wide-open sc…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Protect Yourself From Ticks and Focusing in Landscape Photography

May 11, 2021

Episode 6: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I share five quick tips on how to protect yourself from contracting a tick-borne illness after spending time in nature. Ticks are prevalent all over the world, and while their bites are…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit?

April 27, 2021

Episode 4: This Tidbit Tuesday is a little more philosophical in nature as I answer two of our listener questions around photo manipulation - whether that is done in the field or in the digital darkroom. Is there a differen…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Should You Buy Filters? Landscape Photography Filters Explained and Q&A

April 13, 2021

Episode 2: Welcome to our first Tidbit Tuesday episode, where I give you practical photography tips or outdoor advice and answer your submitted questions. Today, we talk about filters used in outdoor photography, which also…