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Great content!

Really enjoying the podcast. I knew I’d be interested in the guest interviews but Tuesday tidbits are becoming my favorite episodes!

Interesting and informative

This is a new podcast, and it is off to a very strong start. I found Brenda through her PhotoPill Friday YouTube. She did such a great job with that, that I am now able to use PhotoPills. I had high hopes for the podcast, and Brenda didn’t disappoint. Brenda is very thorough in her presentation, and covers subjects in depth. I have enjoyed all of the podcasts, but especially the fourth one. It is really outstanding, and I listened to it twice, to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I highly recommend this podcast.

Outdoor Photography School Podcasts

Love these! Relevant information thoroughly presented. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Interesting and Informative

This new podcast fills the surprisingly vacant niche of serious hiking and outdoor skills to make landscape and nature photographs. I watched Brenda Petrella’s series about the Photo Pills app so I knew she had serious outdoor skills and an easy way of explaining things. I’m thrilled that she’s bringing on guest speakers and is using a smoothly flowing interview style. I’m looking forward to many more episodes.

Very good, topical, specific

This is a new podcast, from my understanding the creator also has a YouTube channel, and if the podcast is anything to go by I’m sure it is equally useful. The episodes focus on individual experiences of outdoor photographers, hiking, and specific photography gear that could help the listener. I plan to buy a DSLR/mirrorless camera this summer, but even with a smartphone some episodes are still very relevant to outdoor photography in general. The more advanced episodes will help me decide on what to buy when that time comes. Specific topics were explained enough for people who have at least some knowledge, or just google search the terms that you don’t know, but in general this is geared towards beginner/intermediate. I highly recommend this podcast, it is also well made.

Excellent Podcast Focusing on Landscape Photography

Brenda Petrella has been hosting a high quality YouTube channel for her Outdoor Photography School for some time. Her podcast is a welcome addition. She is an especially clear and organized presenter. Not gear obsessed, like many others, she concentrates on insightful presentations on technique and also on general outdoors knowledge and craft. It’s a bit like a combination of your favorite high school science teacher with an Outward Bound instructor. If you like hiking and own a tripod, this is the spot for you.

Brenda does not disappoint!

Am a Brenda Petrella fan girl! Love her YouTube channel and her website (Outdoor Photography School). She covers so many aspects of landscape photography...techniques, gear, safety etc. while emphasizing respect for nature and importance of leaving no trace. The first 2 podcasts were amazing. Haven’t yet decided if I should listen to new podcasts as they become available or save them up and binge listen. Decisions, decisions.....

Great Content!

Brenda’s podcasts are just as great as her YouTube videos. If you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out. You’ve got to check out the ones especially for the photopills app, She explains it so well, I thought I was going to be lost forever, that is until I watched her video. There are many great photography podcast out there, but she’s one of my favorite on the list. Keep it up Brenda

Excited for this content!

One of the things that's drawn me into this podcast is the weath of tools available on the website to begin exploring, and learning from - the outdoor photography school had me at hello with their manifesto, and love of nature. I'm looking forward to learning tidbits to put into play while exploring beautiful mother earth!