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Photo Cascadia

Team of Photographers

Photo Cascadia consists of seven photographers: Team Members:
Erin Babnik (
Sean Bagshaw (
David Cobb (
Adrian Klein (
Kevin McNeal (
Chip Phillips (
Zack Schnepf (

They are all from the Cascadia region and share the common interest of photographing the striking beauty of the outdoors, especially the Northwestern United States.

The Photo Cascadia website is where they share educational insights, images and stories from their travels, tips and tricks, and other photography-related content that benefits photographers of all levels. They also offer workshops as a team as well as have individual offerings.

The purpose of the Photo Cascadia Team is to explore areas of natural beauty, encourage stewardship and conservation, and offer inspiration by sharing their images, stories, and knowledge with other photographers who share their passion.


Photographing the Wonders of Washington With Photo Cascadia

Oct. 18, 2022

Episode 81: Today I sit down with six of seven members of the esteemed Photo Cascadia team, to chat about: How the collective got started and what keeps them going strong The inspiration behind their newest book, Washington …