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Chrissy DonadiProfile Photo

Chrissy Donadi

Photographer, Educator

Chrissy Donadi is a professional photographer, photo educator, and writer born and raised in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. She spent many years in the engineering world working long hours and with stressful deadlines. Then a career-based move to a foreign country pushed her into photography. With no friends or family near or even in the same time zone, Chrissy found herself with a lot of free time, a camera, and some nearby mountains were calling her name. What started as fun weekend excursions quickly developed into a hobby and then spiraled into an intoxicating and blissful obsession. She spent the subsequent years maturing her talents and now works solely as a travel, nature, and landscape photographer. With as much as Chrissy thrives in creating images, she equally enjoys teaching and sharing her passion with others.

What Does Connecting to Nature Mean to You? [COMPILATION]
Special Episode

What Does Connecting to Nature Mean to You? [COMPILATION]

Feb. 1, 2022

Episode 44: Today, we’re paying tribute to the last ten incredible guests we’ve had on the podcast. Each of them has shared their wisdom and valuable perspectives about photography, creativity, composition, and connecting w…

Navigating Photography and Parenthood With Chrissy Donadi

Navigating Photography and Parenthood With Chrissy Donadi

Nov. 30, 2021

Episode 35: Today I sit down with Pennsylvania-based landscape, nature, and travel photographer and educator, Chrissy Donadi , to chat about: Her unexpected path into photography Balancing the technical and creative aspects …