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Tidbit Tuesdays

Four Steps to Finding Compositions in Landscape Photography

May 25, 2021

Episode 8: Do you struggle to find compelling compositions in a grand landscape? This week’s Tidbit Tuesday episode was inspired by one of our podcast listeners who wanted some tips for creating compositions of wide-open sc…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Protect Yourself From Ticks and Focusing in Landscape Photography

May 11, 2021

Episode 6: In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I share five quick tips on how to protect yourself from contracting a tick-borne illness after spending time in nature. Ticks are prevalent all over the world, and while their bites are…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Photo Editing vs Photo Manipulation: Is There a Limit?

April 27, 2021

Episode 4: This Tidbit Tuesday is a little more philosophical in nature as I answer two of our listener questions around photo manipulation - whether that is done in the field or in the digital darkroom. Is there a differen…

Tidbit Tuesdays

Should You Buy Filters? Landscape Photography Filters Explained and Q&A

April 13, 2021

Episode 2: Welcome to our first Tidbit Tuesday episode, where I give you practical photography tips or outdoor advice and answer your submitted questions. Today, we talk about filters used in outdoor photography, which also…